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Investment Advisory Services

Our clients often ask, “What is the single greatest advantage of doing business with Lakeside Wealth Management?” Without hesitation, our response is always the same: independence.

Why is independence important to individual investors? Well, for one, your future financial success may depend on the type of investment advice you get today. In an increasingly complicated era, pursuing your financial goals depends on solid, professional advice; meaningful, timely information and research; and access to the investments and services that best fit your specific circumstances.

Independence affords you the benefit of personalized and comprehensive investment strategies based on your unique time horizon, financial objectives, risk preferences and tax considerations. Being independent means we are free to recommend only those products and services that seek to meet our clients’ needs – that is, no quotas or pressure to sell proprietary products. Truly independent research enables us to choose investments solely on the merits of their characteristics and their suitability for your financial goals.

Many financial advisers work on commission, meaning they get paid regardless of whether you make money or lose money. Fortunately, there is an alternative. It is fee based financial planning and it is the type of financial service we offer our clients. Instead of a commission or load, we earn a flat advisory fee that is based upon the amount of your invested assets. This advisory fee is very transparent as you see it reported to you on your quarterly performance reviews as well as on monthly statements. We would rather earn a living in relation to your success than as a result of selling you a product. This way, your interests along with ours are inseparable. We simply feel it is in your best interest.

There is no “one size fits all” strategy. Your unique circumstances and personal objectives dictate the method of investing, as well as the types of vehicles chosen to help pursue them. We have the flexibility to offer access to the investments that most appropriately align with your financial goals. We are also reviewing portfolios frequently as well as the integrity of the money managers inside those unique portfolios. All of the initial allocations as well as subsequent rebalancing and reallocating are done free of trading commissions and/or product loads.

As a fiduciary under the Investment Advisors Act of 1940, we are obligated to act in your best interest and provide you with full and fair disclosure of any material conflict of interest. Simply put, we are required to act in our client’s best interest. Our clients are entrusting us to provide ongoing advice and monitoring of your investment portfolio. These services are offered on a discretionary basis, which means we rebalance and reallocate your portfolio without our clients being responsible to reach out to us. This discretionary trading capability gives us the ability to react to changes in economic conditions on our client’s behalf.

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