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The Craziest College Football Towns to Visit

The Craziest College Football Towns to Visit

August 31, 2023

The intimidating glare of a “white out” at Beaver Stadium in State College, the jet-engine-like roar of the crowds in Ann Arbor—college football is a relative religion in America, and it shows in the dedication of its fans every fall.

From coast to coast, August through December, thousands gather every Saturday to celebrate their favorite teams, though some schools turn out in numbers almost unimaginable. A trip to one of these towns in autumn is an unforgettable experience any football fan would cherish forever.

College Station, Texas A&M

Texas is known as America’s premier football state, but no part of the state may be as crazed as the fans in College Station come game day. Texas A&M has a proud football tradition that’s decades-long, and with a little more than 65,000 students to pack Kyle Field, you can imagine just how loud the cheers of the fans can be.

Ann Arbor, University of Michigan

U of M’s “Big House” is the largest stadium in the entire country by capacity. In fact, only one other stadium in the entire world is bigger—a pretty impressive feat. That being said, it’s not just the stadium that makes Ann Arbor the ideal college football town. It’s 100,000 plus fans, massive tailgates, and school spirit are truly unmatched.

Tuscaloosa, University of Alabama

It’s no surprise that Tuscaloosa is one of the most prolific college football towns in the nation. Its Crimson Tide has been consistently among the top 5 teams every year for decades, making game days uniquely exciting. Because of the team’s winning history, the town is also a great place to experience the lasting impact college football has played, especially in the South.

State College, Penn State

Tucked away in the mountains of Central Pennsylvania is the small town of State College, which would be virtually indistinguishable if it weren’t for the massive university that is Penn State and its proud football tradition. You’ll be hard pressed to find fans more dedicated than the crew who decks themselves in blue and white each Saturday and packs into Beaver Stadium. The football is great (and the grilled stickie’s aren’t bad, either!).

Morgantown, West Virginia University

Until you’ve experienced a stadium of people singing in unison to John Denver’s Take Me Home, Country Roads, you haven’t experienced the pride and love Mountaineers have for their school. Not only is WVU located in the state’s gorgeous mountains, it’s tailgating tradition and raucous celebrations are known to literally set the town ablaze.

MadisonUniversity of Wisconsin

No countdown of incredible college football towns is complete without mention of Madison, Wisconsin—home to the state’s largest university. The Badgers are fairly consistent in their winning record, and celebrations inside Camp Randall Stadium are known to quite literally shake the ground. The town itself is lively, and is guaranteed to make for an exceptional college football road trip.


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